Toshio Abiko Associates Contemporary to Traditional Japanese Design


Contemporary Design

Takumi Japanese Restaurant
Takumi Japanese Restaurant, Nashua, NH
Tokai Retail Store, Boston, MA
VIM Fitness Suspended Bamboo Ceiling, Cambridge, MA

Traditional Design

Traditional Japanese Room
Traditional Japanese Room, NY
Stone garden at Brigham and Women's Hospital
Stone Garden at Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, MA

Voices of our Clients

"Mr. Abiko designed our retail display area ... The warm, natural wood and earthy colors welcome people into our nursery ... Mr. Abiko created a design that captured the stillness and beauty of the Japanese display ... with many people complimenting us over the years on the peace and beauty they feel in this room." -- Teddi, New England Bonsai Gardens

"I believe Toshio's training in Japan gives him an advantage. He thinks a project through to the last detail, right from the beginning. This saves time and money! He has developed his skill to build "hybrid" projects, blending Japanese and American cultures together into new and beautiful designs." -- Steve, Tokai Japanese Gifts (on Angie's List)

"My Bamboo Gate is the first in my neighborhood and it looks Very Elegant. Bamboo gates have a very long life, are light in weight and looks Exotic. As always I have high praise for Toshio's workmanship." -- Anil (on Angie's List)

Toshio Abiko

Toshio Abiko is a seasoned interior designer with over thirty years of experience in restaurant and retail design.